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Ronin R-580 Smooth Wear Wireless Headset

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Ronin R-580 Smooth Wear Wireless Headset

  • Ronin R-580 – A Smooth Wear Wireless headset that is Easy to Wear and has better Build and Rich audio.

Features Includes:

• Easy to Wear

• Imported Chipset

• HD Stereo

• Compatible with all Devices

• Long Battery Life

• Bluetooth 4.1 streams smoothly, up to 30ft (10 meter) from your device.

• R-580 Bluetooth Lite are engineered to offer unrivalled comfort and functionality.

• A lightweight headset that provides support and ease.

• A full charge (1.5 hours) provides enough juice for 4 hours of audio, or 4 hours of talk time with stand by time of over 120 hours.

What’s in the box

1 x Ronin R-580 Smooth Wear Wireless headset.
1 x charging cable.
1 x User Manual.




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